God’s blanket

April 7, 2019

Eric was beside himself when he saw this watermelon. Because farmers have found that using a heavy layer of God’s blanket (mulch) produces bigger watermelon and chokes out the majority of weeds. Farmers following Farming God’s Way principles are thanking God for his faithfulness.



February 20, 2019

Fire raged through the palm forest at Nakoret last week. Buried mainline and electrical wires from the pumps into the farms were destroyed at 3 farms. Praise the Lord the farm families responded rapidly retrenching so that new mainline and electrical could be replaced rapidly and save their crops.

Thank God they were following the Farming God’s Way principles of minimal wastage and doing everything in a timely way.

Green timbers

February 16, 2019

Life in Lodwar has changed in 24 years. People are still eeking Out a living (lumber buyer and seller, bicycle repairman, loaders, drivers, motorcycle taxis). Two hardware shops now have competition from 17 other entrepreneurs. Dirt roads are paved. There were only 3 motorcycles owned by missionaries. Now there are no less than 1000 motorcycles.
Where there were few Christians, now there are many organized fellowships. Many positive changes, still more opportunities.

Maasai well improvements

February 11, 2019

I made the trek from Nairobi down into the Great Rift Valley and on to Ewaso Ng’iro today to contract for some well improvements.


January 28, 2019

Cabbage are not supposed to form a head in hot weather. But the demand for cabbage is so large in Kenya that Haron decided to plant a trial. He is excited to have these heads without seed heads. He has planted more for the June market when cabbage from the highlands is marginal and the price is high.

Pray for a good crop!!

Farming God’s Way

January 22, 2019

Farming God’s Way

Many people ask me what is Farming God’s Way? Basically it is “Equipping the poor for abundant life in Christ.”

The African Continent has the most natural resources of all the world’s continents. In contrast it is poverty stricken with extremely low standards of living, famines, high levels of undernourishment, shocking infant mortality rates, disease, wars, dependency, poor education, deforestation, corrupt and high inflation as hallmarks of what the continent represents.

Subsistence farmers account for approximately of 85% of the African population as well as the Turkana people, who have lived undernourished and degraded lives. They received tons of grain as well as cash relief every year.

Farming God’s Way is an amazing, Godly solution, to the food insecurity and poverty crisis for the rural poor of Africa and Turkana. Farming God’s Way is not just a technological, but a well balanced Biblical, management and technological solution for farmers, equipping the poor to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands thus revealing the fullness of His promised abundant life.

The number of farmers that are buying and planting seeds has increased since Christmas. Praise God that the demand has picked up so rapidly that Haron had to make an emergency order for seeds today. Please continue to pray that the Turkana farmers will use the natural resources he has given and the irrigation so many of you have supported so they can achieve the promised abundant life in Christ.

Happy New Year from the Mordens.


December 18, 2018

Farm team was excited to bring 131 watermelons to market last week from one energized farm. Represents about $300+ for the farmers.