Farming God’s Way

January 22, 2019

Farming God’s Way

Many people ask me what is Farming God’s Way? Basically it is “Equipping the poor for abundant life in Christ.”

The African Continent has the most natural resources of all the world’s continents. In contrast it is poverty stricken with extremely low standards of living, famines, high levels of undernourishment, shocking infant mortality rates, disease, wars, dependency, poor education, deforestation, corrupt and high inflation as hallmarks of what the continent represents.

Subsistence farmers account for approximately of 85% of the African population as well as the Turkana people, who have lived undernourished and degraded lives. They received tons of grain as well as cash relief every year.

Farming God’s Way is an amazing, Godly solution, to the food insecurity and poverty crisis for the rural poor of Africa and Turkana. Farming God’s Way is not just a technological, but a well balanced Biblical, management and technological solution for farmers, equipping the poor to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands thus revealing the fullness of His promised abundant life.

The number of farmers that are buying and planting seeds has increased since Christmas. Praise God that the demand has picked up so rapidly that Haron had to make an emergency order for seeds today. Please continue to pray that the Turkana farmers will use the natural resources he has given and the irrigation so many of you have supported so they can achieve the promised abundant life in Christ.

Happy New Year from the Mordens.



December 18, 2018

Farm team was excited to bring 131 watermelons to market last week from one energized farm. Represents about $300+ for the farmers.


September 21, 2018

Drought has been a "survival of the fittest" RISK that has plagued Turkana for many years. As a result of the current relief effort of distributing cash, many farmers have stopped farming. They say they have to have their farms because the relief money will stop someday, but.

But Yoana Akiru is different. He has hope. Yoana is my age mate and one of the first men I was able to lead to the Lord in 1995.

Porcupines recently dug up and ate the plastic pipes and electrical wires at 3 farms. Yes, porcupines ate the pipes. Akiru and his family get enough relief cash each month that he doesn’t have to work. But he always was a hard worker. Akiru is the man with white hair in the picture rolling out new main line pipe. Akiru gives me hope. It restores my belief that many Turkana want to feed and take care of their families and irrigated farms give them an alternative to be able to do that.

Spend time with Jesus, Gene

Nkoiuash water system

September 11, 2018

Praise God for the water system for the Nkoiuash community. Crossroads Church from Concord, CA supported this new well and water system with an automatic "pay as you drink" meter. The village has clean water for drinking, for irrigating and for watering animals even during drought times. People no longer walk hours to get dirty water and now pay 90% less for clean water than before God provided this clean water source.


June 28, 2018


May 28, 2018

Great pictures Haron. Does the cluster rep understand how much he will benefit if he is helping them plant and harvest like this each week? His assistance in selling the crop can line his pockets and give him and his family future security. Love the pictures. Always proves what is possible with a little effort.
Blessed Day!!


May 28, 2018

Blessed Memorial Day!Praying all far families would achieve this level of productivity